About Us

Welcome to the Strabo Community

As a small, slightly overworked but highly enthusiastic team of dreamers and doers, we are DELIGHTED that you chose us! 

When it comes to bags, we know that there are a multitude of choices in the market. But we wish to assure you that after your experience with us, the next time you're looking for something reliable, sturdy and stylish - you will still think of us. 

All our bags are thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted in India by the local communities of Coimbatore, Calicut and Bangalore. We are dedicated to truly understanding the customer experience and incorporating the insights we gather into our design. This is why we urge you to follow us on our Social Media pages, leave reviews, engage with us and help us create better products.

Wait! Before you crumple and throw away this paper and start using our bags, please take a minute and read the next few steps. 

Get Authenticated

At Strabo, every product comes with a unique QR code attached to it. 

Pretty awesome right!

This can be scanned to register your products and claim cool stuff like warranty, discounts, offers etc! Registration is easy. We promise. All you need to do is:

  • Scan the QR Code with your smartphone. 
  • If this doesn’t work, go to warranty.strabobags.com and enter the Unique ID of your bag
  • Enter your details
  • Confirm your mobile number via OTP
  • Upload a photo of your bill
  • THAT’S IT! Your registration is complete and you will be redirected to our website

Now while you may assume that this is a pain in the neck, do remember that this can help you with a 365 day warranty. Read below for more details. 

365 Day Warranty

All manufacturing defects like stitch opening, zipper malfunctioning etc. will be covered under Strabo’s 365 days warranty policy.

The Company will undertake to repair or replace, at its discretion, any product found to be defective within a reasonable period of time. Company's decision on the nature of the defect and applicability of this warranty shall be final. In the interest of the product upgradation, the company is free to change its product specification without notice In case of unavailability of spares for given models, the company may at its discretion, offer an equivalent model at a special price.

Damages such as zip burst, cracks and damages to prints, scratches to any of the components and tearing of inner lining or any other fabric will not be covered under warranty policy.

A little intense? 

That was standard legal language. But here is our promise. 

If there is one thing we can guarantee, it is the quality of our products. We have, until today, NEVER received a complaint regarding its quality and durability. 

As people who are constantly on the move, we understand the responsibility of having your world, your everyday, in our hands. And we take that responsibility very seriously.

So we leave nothing to chance. Each and every Strabo bag is thoroughly tested on several parameters to ensure utmost quality. We punish our bags in the most diverse ways so that they can heighten your comfort, whether you're roughing it out in the mountains,  rushing to study with your friends, going on a long bike ride or just chilling.

Take a look at what your bag has endured. Maybe it will make you love her a little more. 

Quality Tests

We shock them: Jolt Tests:- We first fill the bags with 15 kgs of load and jolt them up and down, over 10,000 times! If they hold, they win, else they're out!

The zipper test: Force is applied to sliders and zippers to test the strength of zippers and pullers. We test them 20000 times, to ensure you never get stuck with an open bag.

We pile on them: Load Test: - We fill the bags to the hilt and more, to ensure they can carry maximum load without falling apart. Then we hang them up for hours and then jerk them up and down. Only if the bag stays firm through all this is it passed.

We pull them: Fabric Test - Tearing Strength is tested fully. The bags are loaded with weight and the strap is pulled from side to side. The pressure is maintained for at least 10 seconds. The bag shouldn't tear, nor the zips and buckles give away! If so, away they go!

We turn up the heat on them: Oven Test - We test the quick drying factors of the bag by constantly exposing them to wet and dry conditions. The quicker it dries and maintains dryness, the better it can withstand heavy weather conditions.

Allow us to brag about our product just one last time while wrapping up. 

Why Strabo?

  • Premium quality water resistant coated fabric with 40 and 60 TKT bonded nylon threads
  • YKK zippers and runners (world's leading manufacturer of zips)
  • Rain covers on selected models
  • Business bags are equipped with USB ports 
  • Compartments/ provisions for gadgets
  • Bar tacking is done to ensure and reinforce the stress points of the bag
  • Shoulder suspension has been added to ease off pressure on select models
  • All our products are sold at the most optimal retail prices